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Divine Mercy in My Soul

This is the book that sparked The Divine Mercy devotion — one of the fastest growing movements in the Catholic Church today. Diary is a dramatic telling of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska’s amazing encounter with The Divine Mercy — our Lord Jesus Christ. 


The encyclical letter "Dives in Misericordia" (Rich in Mercy) was written by John Paul II during the third year of his pontificate. The Pope signed it in Rome on November 30, 1980, and it was published on December 2 of that same year.

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In Sinu Iesu

When Heart Speaks to Heart:
The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

In 2007, Our Lord and Our Lady began to speak to the heart of a monk in the silence of adoration. He was prompted to write down what he received and thus was born In Sinu Jesu, whose pages shine with an intense luminosity and heart-warming fervor that speaks directly to the inner and outer needs of our time with a unique power to console and challenge.

The pages of this remarkable record of spiritual communication range across, and plunge into, many fundamental aspects of the spiritual life: loving and being loved by God; the practice of prayer in all its dimensions; the unique power of Eucharistic adoration; trustful surrender to divine providence; the homage of silence; the dignity of liturgical prayer and the sacraments; the mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; priestly identity and apostolic fruitfulness; the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints in our lives; sin, woundedness, mercy, healing, and purification; the longing for heaven and the longed-for renewal of the Catholic Church on earth.

Given the harmony of its content with the teaching of Sacred Scripture, Catholic Tradition, and well-known works of the mystics, it is eminently fitting that In Sinu Jesu be published in full at this time (it has been granted the imprimatur). Passages from this journal have already influenced the spiritual lives of priests, religious, and laymen--may it now give light and warmth, consolation and renewed conviction, to readers throughout the world.

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Adoration: a furnace and a forge



      The practice of adoration is not difficult. It is a gentle abiding in My presence, a resting in the radiance of My Eucharistic Face, a closeness to My Eucharistic Heart. Words, though sometimes helpful, are not necessary, nor are thoughts. What I seek from one who would adore Me in spirit and in truth is a heart aflame with love, a heart content to abide in My presence, silent and still, engaged only in the act of loving Me and of receiving My love. Though this is not difficult, it is, all the same, My own gift to the soul who asks for it. Ask, then, for the gift of adoration.

Adoration is an austere prayer because it rests upon faith alone. Out of faith there rises the pure flame of hope, and out of the flame of hope, I enkindle in the soul a great conflagration of charity—that is, a communication to the soul of the fire that blazes in My Eucharistic Heart. The fire of divine love does not destroy what I created: a soul fashioned in My image and likeness. It purifies that soul and burns away only what is incompatible with My infinite holiness, and with the purity of My Essence. The soul, however, is not annihilated. The soul remains, even in the midst of the purifying flames of divine love, fully capable of believing, of hoping, and of loving Me.

Adoration is a furnace and a forge. The soul called to a life of adoration must expect to suffer the intensity of the fiery furnace, and the reshaping of all that is misshapen in her in the forge of My divine will. For this to happen, it is enough that the soul offer herself to My love, and remain humble, peaceful, and quiet as I purify and transform her in My presence. If only souls knew the power to purify and to transform that emanates from My tabernacles!

      If only My priests knew this, they would hasten into My presence and remain there, waiting for Me to do in them what, of themselves, they cannot do. It is the simple prayer of adoration that renders a priest fit for the sacred ministry by giving him a pure heart and by correcting all that is incompatible with My divine holiness and with My priestly love in his life. This way of holiness through adoration is a secret revealed to My saints in ages past, and it is a gift that I am offering to My priests in these times of impurity, persecution, and darkness.

      To overcome impurity, I will give them a shining purity that will blaze before the eyes of the world as a testimony to divine love. To overcome persecution, I will give them a manly strength and a resoluteness of purpose that will confound those who plot their downfall. To overcome darkness, I will give them a clear light by which to order their steps and see what choices are pleasing to My Heart.

      Time spent in My presence is not time wasted. It is the ground and support of every word spoken by My priests in the exercise of their ministry; it is the secret of a priestly action that is supernaturally fruitful, bearing fruit that will last.

     If this is true of the priests whom I have chosen to labour in the vineyard of My Church, how much more must it be true of those whom I have chosen and set apart to live cloistered in the cenacle with My Most Holy Mother and with Saint John, My beloved disciple. John was most at home in My Eucharistic presence and in the company of My Mother. John understood better and more than the other Apostles the mysteries that I instituted in the cenacle on the night before I suffered. John was the first of a long line of Eucharistic priests called to love Me and abide in My Eucharistic presence, close to My Heart, and in the radiance of My Face. This is the particular grace that Saint John would share with those who, responding to My call, will find their way to the cenacle of adoration that I am bringing to birth as a living organism within My Church, enlivened by the Holy Spirit and formed in the Heart of My Immaculate Mother.


(From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest)




Monstra te esse Matrem



     I am your Mother, the Mother given you by my Son Jesus, from the Cross, in the solemn hour of His Sacrifice. And you are my son, dear to my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, precious to me, and ever under the mantle of my protection.

      Let me live with you as I lived with John, the second son of my Heart and the model for all my priest sons down through the ages.

      Speak to me simply and with complete trust in the compassion of my maternal Heart and in the power given to my maternal intercession. There is nothing that you cannot bring to me, nothing that you cannot present to me, nothing that you cannot offer me, even to your very sins.

    Anything given to me by My sons, I press to my Heart; all that is impure, every vestige of sin is consumed in the flame of love that burns in my Immaculate Heart, in the fire of love that is the Holy Spirit in me, the very Fire of the Divinity. Give to me, then, all that you would offer to my Son and to His Father. It will be purified as gold in the furnace because I will press it to my Heart. Nothing impure can endure the flame of love that burns in my Heart. Only love remains.

     Give me your weaknesses, your past sins, your daily faults, and I will present to my Son only the love with which, in spite of all your weaknesses, you desire to love Him, and with Him, love the Father. I am your Mother. I am the Mother from whom you need hide nothing. Even those things that you think are hidden appear clearly to me in the pure light of the Godhead.

When I see a priest son of mine disfigured or polluted by sin, I am moved, not to judge him but, to show him mercy and to employ all the means at my disposal for his full recovery from the vestiges of sin. So many of those who struggle against inveterate habits of sin and pernicious vices would find themselves quickly set free from them if they would only approach me with filial confidence and allow me to do for them what my maternal and merciful Heart moves me to do.

      There are no limits to my intercessory power because the Father has so ordained it. One can never go wrong in turning to me. No matter how complex the problem, no matter how sordid the sin, I am the Handmaid of the Divine Mercy, the Refuge of Sinners, and the Mother of all who struggle against the forces of darkness. Come to me, then. I can even say those comforting words first spoken by my beloved Son: “Come to me, and I will give you rest.”

It is not enough to have some practices in my honour in the course of the day: I desire more, and you are called to more. You are called to reproduce the life of Saint John with me in the Cenacle and at Ephesus. If only you knew the bonds of love for Jesus, and of obedience to the Father, and of joy in the Holy Spirit that united John’s soul to Mine. We were the nucleus of a family of souls that has grown wondrously through the ages: the family of all those who, like John, lived with me, learned from me, and allowed me so to love them that love for my Jesus blazed in their hearts like a great fire, the fire that my Son came to cast upon the earth. 

(From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest)





Return to the wound in My Side



       My Heart overflows with Merciful Love for My priests. There is not one of them for whom I would not suffer the most bitter betrayals and humiliations of My Passion over again, so great is My desire to see every priest of Mine made whole, washed clean in My Precious Blood and sanctified in the fire of the Holy Spirit.

      All that I suffered once — especially the sufferings of My priestly Heart — remains available until the end of time to the priests of My Church, the chosen friends of My Heart.  My suffering remains for them a wellspring of healing, and from My wounds there flows for My priests a balm of purity and of love.  If only My priests would approach Me and apply to themselves the merits and power of My most bitter Passion and of My most Precious Blood!

     There were moments in My Passion — the darkest moments of all — when My Heart was crushed as in a wine–press, beneath a weight of sorrow that no words can describe: when I was suffering particularly for My priests.  I saw them passing before Me, a seemingly endless procession until the end of time.  I saw each one’s sins, each one’s betrayals, sacrileges, and coldheartedness.

      I saw too those who lived and walked in the light; these were My consolation, and in each of them I saw the influence of My Most Pure Mother. She formed them for Me, and this she will continue to do until the last priest is ordained and the sacraments I gave My Church pass into the blaze of glory that they signify in time.

     I looked into the eyes of each of My priests.  In some I saw a burning love and a desire to please Me in all things.  I others I saw a mercenary spirit, an inability to move past the necessary organization of My Church into the mysteries for which she came forth from My wounded Side, and received the Holy Spirit at the Third Hour on Pentecost.

      In still others I saw a terrible indifference, a loss of the First Love, a betrayal of all that My priesthood represents.  It is these who added immeasurable sorrow to the sufferings I endured.

     I ask for priestly souls to console Me and to make up for what is lacking still in a part of My priesthood.  For the coldness of so many I ask for an undivided and tender love.  For the indifference of so many I ask for a holy zeal.  For the irreverence of so many I ask for a renewed awareness of My Divine Majesty and of the holiness that befits My sanctuaries.

     The time is measured and it will pass quickly.  Let My priests return to the wound in My Side.  Let them follow the beacon that shines from My Eucharistic Face to drawn them into My presence.  I wait for them.  With a great desire I desire their company and the consolation that only they can offer My pierced Heart.”

Adore Me for the priests who do not adore Me; seeking Me for those who flee from before My Face; trusting Me for those who place all their trust in themselves and in the ways of the world.  Above all, love Me.  Love Me for the sake of those priests of Mine whose hearts have grown cold.

    Priests must offer themselves as victims for their brother priests.  This is how I intend to purify, and heal, and sanctify, and restore the beauty of holiness to My priesthood: by associating victim priests to My own Sacrifice renewed on the altar, and by taking the offering of their sufferings into My own, so as to make them co-redeemers with Myself, co-redeemers of those priests who must be brought back from the distant regions of sin where Satan has held them captive for too long.”

      The desire of My Heart is that My priests should adore Me, setting aside time each day to abide before My Eucharistic Face.  There I will fill them with all the graces necessary to their sacred ministry.  There I will give them the virtues without which they will be incapable of showing My Face and My Heart to souls.

I would compel My priests to come in from the highways and byways where they have wandered, and where the Evil One lies in wait to ambush them.  I would have them come in to Me, for I wait for them with a Heart full of Divine Friendship for each one.        There will be no reproaches and no condemnation, but only forgiveness, and a great joy among the angels of heaven that My priests are, at last, taking their place in adoration before My altars.

     Make known to My priests this pressing desire of My Heart.  The time is short.  I will renew the face of My priesthood by filling it with the reflection of My own Eucharistic Face.  Thus will My priesthood be transformed.  The Church and the world wait for holy priests.  And I wait to sanctify them in the Sacrament of My Love.


(From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest)




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